Everybody Wants a Way Out

This is the cd artwork for the Pillbugs album of the same name.  I also did the cd art for their album "Buzz For Aldrin."

Fallen Giants

Alan Clark and I have painted a series of "Fallen Giants", of which Dissent is one.  It was featured as a cover for Realms Of Fantasy magazine.



Mixed media  Publications Collaborations


The Magus


Mixed Media

These paintings are original acrylic works that incorporate manipulated photo elements transferred to acrylic gel.  They evolved from my love of making collages.  Several have appeared as book covers.

Of the Waters

The Pillbugs


a collaboration with Alan Clark


Riders on the Storm

Cover of Visions & Affiliations Vol 2 by Jack Foley

Buzz For Aldrin

To Rise Again In Spring

‚Äčcollaboration with Alan Clark