Into The Mystic

Arcadia  TOV II


Antediluvia  TOV Vll

Eventide  TOV III

Windswept  TOV IV

The Time Coast  TOV V

Caryatid  TOV VI

Departure  TOV I

Cythera  TOV Vlll

Transit of Venus

My new etching series creates a panoramic vista of a mythological world.  The first 8 designs are complete and new plates are in progress.  These are all 6 x 9", printed on rag paper with permanent ink and handcolored.  They can be arranged in numbered order, or in other sequences.

Morgan Le Fay

The Elysian Fields

​This painting is my contribution to Lands and Legends, an anthology of over 150 fantasy artists.  I have a small number of these signed, deluxe limited edition books, for sale.

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New Online Store

Announcing, The River's Edge, a new online store I share with fellow artist Alan Clark.  Check it out here